Journal Book + Coordinating Pen

Paper: Wintergreen Designer Paper
Accessories: On Board Art Journal, Grossgrain, RSVP pen, Glass Beads, On Board Simon Lower, Spiral Punch, Perfect Layers, Xacto Knife, Sticky Strip Tape

I created this journal book hoping to do a class, but I am not so sure now as it took me couple tries to figure this out. I may rethink again. The end results came out better than what I had thought.

Here is the recipe ~
Outside: Tape/glue paper around the On Board Art Journal leaving excess paper hanging over the cover (this will be trimmed off, and wrapped around the journal). Repeat on the other side.

Taking your 1/2″ perfect layer, trim around the journal (this gives an even boarder to wrap around the On Board). With the corners, using 1/16″ perfect layer and cut at an angle. Tape the sides.

Tip: pull sides snug so that the journal cover is tight.

Inside: Using a different designer paper, take the spiral punch and punch 7.5 times. Measure your book, and cut to size (inner part). Tape down.

Spine: The spine is measured 8.25 x 4. Scored at 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, and 3.5. You should have 1″ on each end. Tape the one inch end onto book. Repeat on the other side. Decorate your front cover. In this case, I covered the On Board Simon Lower with left over paper from the spine. Add grossgrain ribbons.

Pen: Using leftover paper, the paper is measured to its length, and cut at 7/8″ wide. Remove the pen from the barrel, roll your paper length-wise, tuck the paper into the barrel, return your pen back into the barrel. Next, take your sticky tape, and wrap around the barrel of the pen. Roll into the glass beads until it covers the pen. Take your heat gun and heat the pen until the glass melts. Roll the pen in your hands ~ careful, it may be hot. (by heating, it melts the glass bead and will hold up to its usage).

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