Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful restful Christmas and as we begin a new year, many of us sit down, evaluate what we’d like to accomplish during the year, and then set goals. In fact, New Year’s resolutions-and our subsequent inability to achieve them-is often the topic of jokes during this time of year.

Although New Year’s resolutions may be more humorous than effective for some people, setting goals is actually a very effective way to help us identify what we want to focus on in our lives. Goals can also help us establish priorities.

The process of setting goals varies, depending on our personal preferences. Some people actually do set and achieve New Year’s resolutions; other people set goals all year long. Some of us write our goals down and tape them to mirrors and other prominent places so we can be reminded of them. Others carry their written-down goals in their planners and refer to them as they plan their time. There are as many ways to set goals as there are people out there setting them!

One thing appears to be consistent — a goal not written is only a dream. Actually writing down our goals does seem to play an important part in helping us achieve them. Another step that appears to be effective is sharing our goals with others, so we have someone to encourage us and to be accountable to.

Regardless of what works best for you, we encourage you to consider setting goals this year. If the New Year isn’t the right time for you, identify a time that is. Your goals may be related to Stampin’ Up!, or they may not. Whether they are professional or personal — or both — I wish you the best. Accomplishing goals provides an incredible sense of satisfaction, and I hope you are able to experience that feeling this year!