Tips for creating your own personalized Blog Banner

Many of you have been asking me for some tips on how to create your own personalized blog header/banner from a photo. As you have seen over the last 18 months, I have changed mine about 50 times, and still have many more to share with you. I LOVE taking photos and really enjoy turning them into personalized blog banners for my blog.

So.. here is how I do it…

1. upload a photo from my camera to my computer… for instance.. this one:


{{I took a photo of a bowl of ornaments at Crate & Barrel! (hee hee)}}

2. Open the photo in Adobe Photoshop Elements. and CROP it to 770 pixels wide by approx 225 pixels high.. this gives you a rectangle, and this size works well for the size of my blog.. it may vary depending on which blog service and which template you are using. Your blog hosting service should be able to tell you how many pixels wide and high your photo should be cropped to.


3. Alter the photo is cropped, adjust the settings if you want it lighter, darker, etc (for mine, I lightened it to make the ornaments look white)

4. Add your text (I made my text into a .png file which is like a watermark so I can drag it onto any photo without retyping it each time)

5. Add a border, and here is what I came up with:

Ornament bowl copy

6. Upload it to your blog.. you may need to check with the tutorial section of your blog service for more info.

If you are feeling like you just read that entire post in Greek or Chinese, you are not alone. When I first started my blog, I played around with this for about a month until I could figure it all out. There are services and demonstrators who do this for a living who would be happy to help you I’m sure.

Here are a few people I know who provide blog services:

Michelle Laycock