New Look??

Good evening! I’m so excited that to share with you my new banner blog design today! So, any feedbacks? I know, I still have some tweeking to do but that will come in time. (LOL)

I wanted the design to be simple and airy but I cannot make ends with all those computer lingos and was very lost with the HTML and XML, etc., etc. After reading Taylored Expressions’ blog I quickly emailed Nancy McKinney to see if you would design my blog. She was quite fast in responding and at her first stab, I was in love with the banner. She seems to know what you like and dislike.

Nancy is a freelance graphic designer. She is very easy going and is such a pleasure to work with. She is quite quick too!

If you like her work, Nancy would like to continue creating blog banners, sidebar labels, and watermarks. She asks that instead of the standard payment for services rendered, she will design your blog banner and a watermark in exchange for a minimum $50 donation to Sick Kids, Canadian Immunodeficiency Society, Starlight Foundation, or a children’s hospital in your area. Nancy’s son, Henri, made an amazing recovery from a bone marrow transplant and an underlying immune disease with much thanks to Sick Kids. Now that Henri is better, Nancy is hoping to be able to raise some money for Sick Kids and other organizations who help children with similar diseases. If you’d like to contact Nancy about helping you with a new blog design, leave a comment on her blog or email her at It is a good cause, and you will understand when you have kids.

I can relate … although my boys are not sick, my oldest, Ryan (13 years old then), had been admitted to Children’s Hospital in Vancouver when he was struck by a car two years ago while crossing the cross-walk. The driver ran through a red light throwing Ryan 10 feet down the road. His head went through the windshield, and everybody could not believe that he survived the accident. The ambulance attendants, policemen and witnesses all said that it was impossible that he survived after seeing the impact of the windshield and the distance he was thrown. Luckily he has not sustained any head / spinal injuries … however, he has suffered knee pains and his forehead is scarred. He will not be able to play sports like he used to and quite often he hides his scars. Any future damages is too early to tell as he is still growing. Children’s Hospital had helped me cope with the anxieties and I always wondering what he is thinking or what is going to happen to him in the future. At the moment, I am blessed that he is still with me, so please help the Sick Kids.

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