Happy Birthday Madison!

My niece Madison asked me to do a birthday party for her two months ago.  And of course my immediate response was YES!  I asked what she would like to make and she indicated to me that she wanted a scrapbook of herself and have her friends do the same thing.  I was taken  by her response because she actually knew what she wanted to do. Talk about growing up.

So off I went to do some thinking … now you are talking about teaching ages 4 to 5 year old little girls … how hard can that be right???  Well, if you have read my profile, I have two teenager boys.  My boys don’t like making scrapbooks … they just like to look at them.  It took me awhile … I had to ask myself:

  1. what is easy and not so complicated scrapbook?
  2. how do I keep them entertained?
  3. how long will it take before they get bored?

Plus, my sister’s/Madison’s asked me to make a sample for them for their approval.  So, this is what I came up with is a Brown Paper Bag Album.   I created this album by using 3 brown bags , folded in half and stapled together and added a cover.  Very inexpensive to make, just add decorative designer papers and stickers and you got yourself a mini album.  The pictures below will tell you how much they enjoyed it. Some brought pictures to add to their album.  It was a good thing that I brought some my punches and decorative scissors which made their scrapbook more interesting.

Finished Products.
Finished Products.



My nieces, Michelle & Amy
My nieces, Michelle & Amy
This is Nina. She was really into it. All the pictures she brought went into the book.

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  1. Aww this is adorable!!! Love how they are holding their creations over their heads like awards…well done girls!

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