ISO – Get Well Cards

I am still alive if you all are wondering why I have not posted in awhile.  As indicated in my earlier post, I came down with the cold/flu which turned into a sinus infection.  Here I thought it was just allergies.  My nose ran like a faucet and just kept dripping, and my glands were swollen, I finally made an appointment to see my doctor and she prescribed some good drugs (antibiotics and Calmylin ACE cough syrup … yum!).

As I should have been resting, I did not have the energy to post anything but I did do some creating in my studio for my upcoming craft fairs.  I will post them shortly.

While I was off sick, I had been thinking about my best friend forever (BFF), Dee Wedman.  I created this card for her, and will be mailing it as I cannot see her yet.


Dee and I met at the Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal in 2002, she had been very intrigued about my handmade cards and wanted to know more. To date, she is my regular Stampin’ Up! client, and she turned out to be my BFF.  We talk to each other every other day, and when we write, we close off with BFF.

You are probably asking why am I reading this? Please read on.


Just last year in half, Dee was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer and had gone under six months of chemo treatment consecutively.  One month thereafter her last chemo treatment, the cancer reappeared and the doctors could not understand why it would reappear within the month after her treatments. After various tests and consultations with other doctors, they (doctors) decided that Dee undergoes stem transplant.  This procedure is very serious and risky.  Once she is admitted she will receive 6 days of very intense chemo (to kill both bad and good cells).  They will then transplant her stem cells back into her.  It is a long slow recovery process in which she has to stay free of infections as basically she will have no immune system.

Dee has been staying with her sister Dawn who lives in Vancouver nearby VGH.  Dee did not bring any of her Stampin’ Up! products and has no access to make her cards and but her heart aches for handmade cards and is thriving for it.   Dee indicated that she could bring her Stampin’ Up! with her but she did not want to start on a project just in case she gets called in.   It has been well over a month of waiting Dee just received a phone call (yesterday) from the hospital and was advised that there is a bed for her and that she needed to come to the hospital now to start her treatment.  It was advised that she cannot have live flowers or plants in her room as her immune system will be almost non-existent so they won’t take any chances that the flowers and dirt could effect her. … just cards and balloons.  So in an effort to show that Stampin’Up! is a great community to be in, may I ask that you be so kind to send her a handmade get well card?  Her sister’s address is noted below:

Dee Wedman
c/o Dawn Wedman
#301, 2668 Ash Street
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 4K4

I like to flourish her room with handmade cards, even if she does not know who you it is the thought that counts. You can write down your email address, and that you got her name from your “BFF’s blog”, she will know what that means.  Dee is a very thoughtful gal, and I am sure that she will send out a thank you reply via email.  When she sees her room full of handmade cards, I hope that it will keep her mind off and know that it will lift her spirit and win the battle. All cards are welcome.  Please spread the word to your friends, families and to the world!   We are a great stamping community.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Update March 24, 2009 – message from her sister, Dawn Wedman.

“Unfortunately the start of Dee’s procedure has been delayed.

The Doctors are going to run some tests first.  Her gums are inflamed so they want the dentist to look at it as they don’t want to start chemo if she has an infection as that could be life threatening.  In addition, she has a lump in her breast and they want to biopsy it.  She is still in the hospital and we are hoping these tests will be run tomorrow.  There is still a chance she will be sent home again.

Keep your fingers crossed!!”