Sweet 16 Deal!

Today is the day that my oldest, Ryan, turns 16.  Wow, how time flies.  Ryan said that he wants to get his driver’s licence when he turns 16 as his birthday present.  So Stuart, my husband took off work early to drive Ryan to get his driving test done.

He was so excited he passed with an 82%.  Way to go Ryan!

What the sweet deal was that an ’81 Mustang happens to be on the lot this morning for sale.  Stuart had a look at it and he said it is not bad for a starter car.  It needs a little bit of work such as rust on the side, no radio, the interior roof needs fixing, and the passenger seat needs to be replaced, and other than that the car runs really well for $100.00.

Wholly smokes … I can’t believe that we actually bought Ryan a car for 16th birthday.  When I turned 16 I didn’t get a car.  I will update this blog once I get a picture.  We will be doing the paper work tomorrow evening.  In the meantime, as we speak, Ryan is out with his dad, learning how to drive.  Eeekk!

April 1, 2009

As promised, here are some pictures of his car.



not too shabby eh?