Easter Boxes

Hi all,

So sorry that I have not posted in awhile.  Life is just too darn busy … work, family and friends.

Also, I am gearing up for my big family Easter dinner on April 11, 2009 and I want to make something cute for my nieces and nephews to take home afterwards, so I created these cute little baskets.


The box is stuffed with plastic stringy stuffers to use as a prop. I then added a small chocolate bunny and a small chocolate chick, on opposite corners, and filled the surroundings with little chocolate Easter eggs.

Another version … if you don’t want to fill your kids with chocolates, add a kinder surprise or silly putty into the box. The box will hold the egg perfectly without adding additional eggs inside. It is so cute!

Here are the instructions if you want to make them for your little ones.


6 x 6 DSP Cardstock (box)

½ x 6 DSP (handle)

Bone folder

Sticky Tape

2 Silver Brads


Score your 6 x 6 DSP at 2” and at 4”. Rotate 90 degrees, and score at 2” and at 4”. You should now have 2” squares on all 4 corners. Score your 2” square corner at a diagonal, from the corner up to the scored lines only. Repeat the same process for the 3 corners.


Crease all your score lines with the bone folder. This will make your box come together easily.

Tape and fold your corners as indicated below (see picture).


(Sorry about the picture … you can see my pebble.  I was trying to put this box at an angle so that you can see the corners)

Apply tape to the outer corners again, and wrap it around the box, ensuring that your points are taped in the same direction. Punch a hole using your crop-a-dile (using this tool will go through all layers without a fuss) on one side, and punch a hole on the opposite side. (I used the 3/8” hole and position the gauge at ½” on my crop-a-dile tool). Using the crop-a-dile without changing the setting, punch holes on the handle.


Apply your silver brads through the holes. The brads will allow the handle to pivot. Voila, your box is done. Option: You do not have to use brads for your handle, just add tape.

Stuff with stuffings and add your candies in it.  Enjoy!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

TFL ~ Liz