To Cut or Not to Cut

I have been dying to get my boys hair cut for a long time.  It must be in thing now where boys want really long hair.  Unfortunately, my boys negotiated with me.  If they cut their hair, they asked whether they can get their hair dyed.  I was not too fawn of it at first, but then come to think of it, I renegotiated that if they get their cut, they can have streaks and both said YES.

So off we go to see my cousin who is a hairdresser.  Thank goodness for that.  I have pictures of the boys in the hair salon, but I cannot figure how to get if off my phone camera.  Just be patient.  I will update this page once I figure it out.

In the meantime, here are the after pictures.


Ryan's highlights


Jordan's highlights

They both said that this was cool.  The funny thing was that they were able to sit there for two hours without a fuss.  I now know how to negotiate with them.  Just give them streaks and request for a cut that I like.

Thanks for looking ~ Liz