New Addition

Hi everyone,

After we lost Judo in December 2008, it has been hard to look at another dog. Stuart and I both knew that we will get another pet but the question was when? My sister, Susan, said that it will take at least 6 months before you feel that you need a family pet. She is right. I am happy to say that I am a proud mama. Here is my cutie-pie labradoodle – Stitch. He is 3 weeks old in this picture.


Unfortunately he is still too young to come home with us but the owners have mentioned that we can go to their house every week to play with him.  He is soooo adorable!


Here is the whole family.  It was feeding time when we arrived there yesterday.

Ginger at feeding time.
Tan lab - Ginger @ feeding time.
Full size black poodle - Jake

The above pictures are Stitch’s parents – Ginger & Jake.

I’ll update my post when I get more pictures.  Thanks for stopping by,


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