Weeks Past

Hi everyone,
I just want to show you what we have been up to during last past two weeks aside from stamping and taking a break from stamping to spend time with the family. But before I do that here is updated picture of Stitch.

Stitch - 9 weeks old

Stitch is now 9 weeks old.  He has learned to sit, walk without a leash and come on call.  Toilet training so far so good.  About 1 accident a day which is only peepee … getting better though.  I also must say he sure loves being dirty.  Like anyone will tell, a boy is a boy.  That is what they like to do.

The next few pictures will be our backyard waterfall.  Stitch was out there helping us dig up the dirt.  When it came to to foaming around the falls, he decided to help, and he got foam all over his front paw.  Owners beware, don’t let your dog into this stuff it is hard to get off.  We were told it will wear off in 5 days … ugh.

waterfall Stuart working on the last minute details. waterfall-front waterfall-holder waterfall-stream

The next set of pictures is the other side of the bricks.  We built an outdoor BBQ pit for our deck.

bbq pit planter1 planter2

Hubby was so generous that he bought me two planters to sit on the side of the BBQ pit.  They are just gorgeous.

We were at Mandeville Gardens yesterday.  If you live in the lower mainlands, I recommend that you go there.  They are so knowledgeable.  The person who did my planters custom made these for me as I did not like their pre-fabbed planters.

So to top the end of the week of, we had a family-friend BBQ.  The weather was nice, not too hot and not too cold but by 8:00 pm, we had thunder showers and lightening.  Interesting to see as we all sat under our E-Z up.  This is will be the talk for next’s year family-friend BBQ for next year.  That’s our week.

Thanks for stopping by,