Dee’s Update

Hi All,
Unfortunately Dee’s health has deteriorated rapidly in the past two weeks.  On September 29th her family decided that Dee should not be staying alone so Dawn (Dee’s sister) went out on the Tuesday and Elaine (Dee’s other sister) arrived on Wednesday. 
As she had many Doctor’s appointments that week Elaine and/or Dawn went with her to all of them.  Dee has just completed two cycles of radiation treatments.  One for pain in her back and side and a second one that is close to her spine and is causing her to lose movement in her legs.  The first treatment was very successful and she does not have pain in her back and side any more.  However, the 2nd one has not be as successful.  Dee continues to have very limited use of her legs.  In addition her feet, ankles and legs are quite swollen so they are very much dead weight.  We have gotten equipment for her to use from the red cross.  She is extremely tired (sleeping most of the day and night), weak, is throwing up and is not eating or drinking much.  This may be because the Disease is spreading or some of it may be a side effect of radiation.  She has been using a wheel chair even in the apartment. She has lost a lot of weight and muscle mass.  She has not felt like having visitors.
Last night Elaine and Sean (her son from Victoria) took her to the hospital.  She is now in Delta hospital and they have started a IV drip to hydrate her.  They are monitoring her.  I don’t have further news right now and are waiting on the Doctors.  
If Dee comes home her schedule is all over the map and she can be a light sleeper and if she is not there Sean and Elaine are still staying at the apartment and are keeping odd hours.

That is all I have for now.  Please send lots of prayers!