More updates on Dee

Hi all
I just received an email from Dawn Wedman.  Here is an update from her sister:
I visited Dee in the hospital yesterday so now feel that I can give you all an update.

Dee has a blood infection.  They are trying IV antibiotics to get rid of it and are running a course of meds for 7 to 10 days.  She is also taking in fluids and anti nausea drugs in a IV form.  She is not in pain as they give her long term pain meds and short term pain meds as needed.  Unfortunately her IV came out Wednesday night and they had a hard time getting a new one in (her veins are collapsing – probably from the chemo).  Probably because of that she threw up again.  She still is not eating much and is extremely weak.  Yesterday she sat in a chair for the first time  since she was admitted to the hospital on Monday.  This is a good sign but she requires assistance to stand and even to move in bed.  She is very tired and sleeps a good part of the day.
She really wants to go home but at this point even if she didn’t have the IV there is no way one person could care for her at home.  Right now she is in the best place to receive care as the hospice and palliative care in the home would not give her antibiotics or fluids as they are more involved in the comfort of the patient at the end of life rather than trying to extend life.
She does have some good moments and Elaine, Dee and I shared some laughs yesterday.  Dee can still make some jokes and seems to be in pretty good spirits considering.
She is having a scan on her lungs done today.  Elaine and I both noticed she was breathing very heavily when she was sleeping yesterday.  I am not sure when the test results will come in.
Although she seemed happy to see me yesterday, she doesn’t want visitors other than family yet.  Sorry.  However, I do read your emails to her and she appreciates them so keep them coming.  I will let you know when she decides she is ready for visitors and if there is further updates.
Please continue your prayers and have a very Happy Thanksgiving.