Almost goodbye!

Hi all,

I went to see Dee last night upon the request of the family.  I was not sure whether I should go and see Dee despite of my head cold and did not want it to make worse.  Dawn (Dee’s youngest sister) advised that this point in time, it probably did not matter as the family had made a decision to let her go.  I called the hospital to ensure it was alright to visit Dee and as well as not harming other patients.  I was given the green light as long as I wear a face mask.  My sister, Susan who is an RN for the BC Cancer Agency, went with me for comfort.  Susan informed me prior to entering in the room to be prepared with regard to her appearances.

The family is seeing Dee going through so much pain with the poking of needles and the discomforts she is having, has decided to take her off all IV drips and medications and let her have her peace and slowly letting her go.  In my earlier post, her veins have collapsed from all the radiation and chemo treatments Dee had undergone.  Dee has gone through a lot, and we cannot believe how much she has deteriorated over the last three weeks.

Although she is in a lot of pain, she is eased with pain killers on every half hour to an hour.

Dee is very thin and weak, although quite alert as to who we are.  As my sister discussed the prolongation of life with Dee’s family, tears were streaming down my face … reality is kicking in … that I am losing a great friend, a fellow stamper, a downline, and an older sister that I never had.  I am writing this post in real time, and tears are still rolling down while I cry in silence.  I am trying to be strong but it is so hard losing someone who shares a lot of laughters, creativities, and many more.

I will be visiting Dee and her family this morning as I know that this is the last time I will see her.  I pray that I will be more comforting to them than last night.

Hugs to all those who are reading my blog and thank you for your prayers.  Dee will be resting soon.