Hi stampers,

As I was going through my pictures, I thought I would share with you my holiday pictures.  Although I don’t want to bore you with all of them, here are some highlights of our trip to Portland (the first week), and Sheridan Lake (the second week).

Sand Dunes
We were at the Sand Dunes. The sand was so white, soft and warm, you did not need your shoes. Here is Jordan and Stitch.
sand dunes beach
Here is the stretch of the sand dunes.

We wanted to capture some waves, we headed down to the rocks. Here is Ryan getting splashed by the powerful waves.
The waves with the midst in the air. Just beautiful.
This was taken at Sheridan Lake (the second week of our vacation). The moon was shining so bright that it lit up our campsight.
catch of day
Stuart's catch of day. He was pretty bumped out that the first couple of days, he could not catch anything. Now he is happy, he finally caught two, and then some thereafter.
Lastly, the morning shone through the clouds. Just gorgeous.