Hi everyone,

I am so excited!  Stampin’ Up! came up with new CLEAR MOUNT STAMP SETS.  Below are some pictures for you to see in how clear mount stamp sets are mounted.  Here we go,

I’m really excited about these, but not for the reason you probably expect.

Do you see the great plastic storage container these come in.  I’m SO excited about these, and Stampin Up is going to be selling blank ones too.

I have a huge stash of  “other” company stamps that does not have storage … and yes … SU has come out with these containers that have a plastic sleeve on the outside, so you can stamp or photo copy your image sheet and slide it in there so you know what stamps are inside.  Oolala.

This is truly the best and least expensive storage system I have seen around and you get (4) for $6.95.  If you have nestabilities, here is your opportunity to keep them organized.


Ok, so this is how the stamps come.  A sheet of stamps (left), and the picture image on a sticky sheet (right).


Stamps are nicely die cut for you, so you just pop one out

peal off the paper backing to get to the “sticky stuff”

go find the matching image on the image sheet,

peal off the protective backing from that,

use the outside edge of the image sheet outline, to line up placement of your rubber

you want to press down firmly here for a second or two

gently pull up the rubber, which now has the image attached to it.

now how easy is that?

just press your stamp on to your clear acrylic handle, and you’re ready to stamp, and to SEE  WHERE YOU ARE STAMPING.

Stampin Up also came out with a whole set of acrylic handles, they were not available when I placed my pre-order, the one in the image is NOT S.U.  I just used it to show you how they stick and how well you can see them.

The Stampin Up handles have the finger indents all the way around instead of just on two sides.  I think that is a HUGE feature, the flat sides on others are very hard to hold onto.


  1. Thanks for the insight! I wasn’t sure I wanted to invest in these, but your visual tutorial has made a believer out of me! Thanks so much!
    Also I send my condolences to you and Dee’s family and friends. She is in a more peaceful state. God Bless! Candas

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