School Free

I did it … school is out and I am free from studying … hooray!

Yesterday I wrote my final exam (A+ Computer Technician Course).  My god what an intense day.  The instructor made sure that we wrote our exam after lunch.  So painful waiting for the day to be over.  I wrote my exam in confidence and I believe I passed with high grades.  Thank goodness I was paying attention to our mid-term exams, because they were on the finals.  I whizzed through the exam, and thought to myself that it way to easy.  Of course, I did not want to be first to hand it in.  I sat there waiting others to finish first.  Being the only gal in the class probably would not too good thing to show off (the other gal dropped out … so sad to hear that).

Anyhoo, yes indeed, no more school until next year.  Phew!

Last night I taught the calls on Eggcoutrement.

It was such a fun class.  Here are some pictures that I was able to take when I remembered.

Here is Twyla, having so much fun.
Sheila busy working on her bunny holder. Not paying any attention to the camera.
And Michelle too. Too busy with her project.
Finished projects. Of course, Twyla left before I can get a group picture.
Here is the finished project. Twyla left before I could take the picture. These were so cute.

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