Clear Mounts Conversion (How To)

So what is your take on our new Clear Mount Stamps?  Stampin’ Up! has given you a choice.  The choice is Wood Mount or Clear Mount.  My new favorites are the clear mount.  I have a lot of unmounted stamps (I get so many free ones from Stampin’ Up!) I don’t always have time to mount them which has turned out to be a great thing.  I’m going to show you how to take your unmounted WOOD MOUNT stamps and turn them into CLEAR MOUNT stamps.  It’s so much fun and so fast.


Here is a great tip from Kim Haslam: If you have mounted stamps, microwave them for about 3-5 seconds and peel off the the stamp and the sticker.

Thanks for the great tip, Kim!

Not only that, if you don’t have enough space in your stamping room this is the best way to reduce … 2 CD cases to 1 wood mount case!

okay so the first thing you want to do is pop out your rubber image and remove the sticker from the sticker sheet.

Next you will put the sticky side up on the sticker and the foam down.  Line up the image and lay your stamp on the sticker sheet.

Turn over your piece and trim the clear sticker off. (Trim around it like you used to do when we had to cut stamps out)!

Do this to all your pieces before you go to the next step.

Next you are going to need your Tombow “Green Glue”.  Optionally you can use a foam brush but don’t absolutely need it.  See the next picture for details.

Next you are going to spread the glue evenly over the entire stamp … not too thick, just a slight film.  After you’ve done that for all the pieces, set them aside for at least 24 hours.  After that, the glue will be sticky but will not stick permanently!   After awhile, if you find that your glue turns yellow, just rub it off with your thumb and start all over again.  It works perfect!

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  1. Hi- thanks for confirming what I have been doing. I also do the same thing with my mounted stamps. I microwave them and peel off the the stamp and the sticker. I have had no problem with peeling off the sticker. And then I do the same as you did. just using the tombow sticks better than the cling vinyl.
    thanks for the great tutorial.

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