To all mothers in the world … Happy Mother’s Day

What a gorgeous morning in Vancouver, BC.  The sun is shining … what more can you ask for.  Happy mother’s day to all the mothers in the world.

My youngest was so thrilled and couldn’t wait to give me this beautiful artwork he made in woodworking.  He was so proud.  His teacher gave him a 10/10 and even took a picture.

Couple of things I want to say this morning:

To Abby, my sister’s cocker-spaniel just gave birth to 5 puppies yesterday morning.  Happy mother’s day Abby!

To Jessie Branner’s mother, my downline’s mother .  Her mother had taken a bad fall on Thursday evening.  An update from Jessie … she is recovering but has broken her bones in two places … although she will not be able to spend a nice dinner out with the family, she will be recovering in the hospital.  Lots of prayers for her, and happy mother’s day to you!  Wishing a very speedy recovery.

To Jessie Branner and Susanna Yan – my downlines – may your day fulfill be with happiness on mother’s day.  Put your feet up, enjoy a cup of coffee, and stamp your hearts away (not kidding!).  No really, we are all blessed with what we have and to enjoy life.  Although I am not your mother, I am so glad we are great friends, together with Hayley Glauser!

Unfortunately I don’t have any cards to share … I’m still working away for my upcoming craft fair (July 1) at Steveston Salmon Festival in Richmond, BC.  I will show it to you soon.

Enjoy your day moms!