Test Tube Candies

This actual tutorial came from Lisa Somerville but I revamped it so that it fits my glass test tube which I bought from Indigo Instruments.

  1. You will need 4½” x 12, score at ½”, 2”, 5”, 6 ½”, 9 ½”.
  2. Turn your paper and score at 1 ½” and 3”. Cut where the solid are indicated on the diagram and remove the shaded piece.
  3. Using your 1” round circle, punch a hole on centre.
  4. Crease all the folds well.
  5. Place a red sticky tape on the ½” flap and bring it to the 9 ½” score line, tucking the flap in.


Before you tape the sides together, I found that when I put my test tube in, the bottom of the tube was moving around too much and not stable.  I added an insert at the bottom of the box to keep the test tube from moving around.

  1. You will need 2 ¼” x 2 ¼” score at ½” on all 4 sides.
  2. Using your 1” round circle, punch a hole on centre.
  3. Cut where the solid lines are indicated, and adhere the 4 corners.
  4. Insert into the box.
  5. Place red sticky tape on the outside flap and close the flap.
  6. Finish the box with designer paper.

If you have any questions, please email me.  Thanks for looking,