Hi friends and stampers,

Sorry I have not posted in a long time.  I am still alive.  Things at the household has been very hectic with teaching, attending various meetings and  creating things for upcoming craft shows.  It is a never ending story but that is life when you work full-time, raising a family and trying keep with up the Stampin’ Up business and I am sure for those who works full-time find it hard to do business on the side.   Blogging is probably the least of my worries.  I know, by keeping the blog up to date, viewers will come.  Unfortunately, time is very essential and limited, but at least I am still blogging, even though it maybe once or twice.

Life is too short to worry about things like this so by taking one thing at a time, if it happens, it will happen.  For instant, I was at a craft show this last weekend at the International Festival in Chinatown.

Although my gut feeling was that it was not going to be a good show, my intention was to sell and get more people interested in stamping.  Sales were down … although I am not the only vendor who did not do well, others had no sale at all and did not even bother to show up on Sunday.  Anyways back to my point, although my sales were down, I had customers looking at my products and taking my business cards and asking about certain things.  Most of all I enjoyed talking and teaching about Stampin’ Up!.  I still believe they great products.

Here is Ryan teaching these ladies how to stamp.  I had a small booth where people were coming and going to stamp a 3 x3 cards.  Most did not know how to stamp.

Needless to say, I landed on an order to make 50 little purses for a baby shower happening in November.  I was tooting and praising!  It sure made my day.

So this morning after consulting with the client, I made 50 little purses for her baby shower.  Aren’t these darlings!

I am not finished with these yet.  They will have pink swarskis rhinestones in the middle to make it look like a clasp.

Here is all 50!  All done except for the stones and chocolates.


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