Mini Double Folds – Gift Card

OMGooooddness. Taking a video and editing is one of the hardest/challenging things I ever have done. The 1st AUUUUGGH I had to learn this on my own so it took me all day from 2:00 pm yesterday to now to get this going. The 2nd AUUUUGGH is that I had uninstall the video program and reinstall the editing program. After doing this, for some unknown reason, the uninstalled took out my Stampin’Up! files. Yup, you got it, all my Stampin’Up! files. All my collections of templates, SVG files, PDF files, etc … all gone … just like that!!! And the question, why I didn’t have a backup …. 3rd AUUUUGGH.

You know worse part about it, I have another external drive which I bought and have not had any time to install it. What is the big deal, it is just a plug and play. It just time. Time is something I was short of in November because of all the shows I have been doing. It is a learned!! OMG …. 4th AUUUUGGH again.

Anyways, I have finally finished this video for you. I apologize for some of the editing but it is pretty good given that it is my first time editing it. Now that I know how to do the editing, and rendering in time will be faster. Hope you enjoy it. It is a mini double fold gift card. This was Jessie’s swap and I asked where she got the template. This idea came from Jan Farring’s website.